Relationship Tantra Course


Relationship Tantra Course


An amazing experience for couples who want to grow together and deepen their intimate connection. Whether couples are struggling and want to learn how to thrive, or are thriving and are looking for suggestions to enjoy each other and strengthen their already strong bond, this is a powerful offering. Beautiful sensual activities are balanced with strategies and teachings from Modern Relationship Therapy. 12 lessons each offer a short article to read and a video to follow along with. Couples are encouraged to make a regular ‘date night’ and follow along together. Each lesson will take about 30-60 minutes, depending on how much you ‘play’. Topics include deepening connection, learning to communicate in ways that draw you closer to each other, working out your patterns as a couple so they don’t ‘trip you up’, sensual activities to enhance intimacy, meditations from Tantra, learning about roles in relationships so you don’t become stagnant and much more. Facilitated by Accredited Counsellor, Relationship Educator, Yoga and Tantra Teacher and Sexologist- Ella Shannon of Evolution of Intimacy. Ella has worked with hundreds of couples over the years and has gathered together the main things she believes that couples need to master to really thrive and ensure their lasting union is harmonious, happy and enriching.


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