Tantric Reset Massage Course


Tantric Reset Massage Course


Alternating states of pleasure and consciousness to awaken intense emotions.

Improved Health – This massage stimulates the process of cleansing and purification. Activating points of healing and release.

Eradicating Blockages – Blockages can stem from various sources. tantric Massage addresses the entire human being and all its aspects. It touches a person on the physical, mental, emotional and sexual levels.

By employing energy, this experience has the ability to get to the root of the blockage, not just its superficial and reset our bodies.

Creating new brain pathways & breaking through negative mindsets.

Remedy for sexual dysfunction or low sexual desire – Through purifying the body & awakening the sexual energy & dispersing this energy throughout the body, a person can get rid of sexual dysfunctions and transform their sex lives dramatically.

Increases Orgasmic potential – Through this practice energy is dispersed upwards in a human being and it becomes more refined and powerful. The higher this energy goes the more accessible high ecstatic states become.

This can be a highly orgasmic experience and transform orgasms to extended for minutes and even hours, and two lovers can ride enduring waves of pleasure together all night.


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